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Suboxone Maintenance Treatment

Wondering how we can help you?  After your initial phase withdrawal and recovery treatment, we are here for you for Suboxone maintenance.
Health care providers that are able to prescribe Suboxone need to have gone through the DEA process Waiver.  Not everyone can just give you a prescription because you need it.

What is buprenorphine or Suboxone ?

Suboxone is the name for the drug buprenorphine, combined with naloxone. There are other popular names of this as well: Zubsolv and Bunavail are just two. Your healthcare provider will decide which medication is right for you.

Buprenorphine is a weak opioid, combined with naloxone to prevent the addicted person from abusing.  It competes at  the same part of the brain that heroin and pain pills do, making it easier to control withdrawal symptoms and making you feel better after you quit opioids.

Suboxone Maintenance Treatment for Opioid Addiction

A lot of addicts learned about Suboxone from a drug dealer, rather than a medical professional. Withdrawal from opiate addiction is very difficult, and to quit without help is also very difficult.  But they asked the dealer, rather than the health care provider if there was anything that could help them quit.

In your Withdrawal and Recovery process, it is necessary to NOT try to keep up with the same people you used to hang out with -they  will tempt you towards past bad habits. Medications like buprenorphine (Suboxone) or methadone (another popular drug to help you get off pain pills or heroin) will help you control the addiction cravings you used to have.

Suboxone Maintenance

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It is a privilege to be able to help you. The Recovery Process requires us to be creative and collaborate with your other providers to be of utmost help for you.

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